Monday, October 6, 2008

Installation #4 I do it for Love

this was written by one of my friends...

purpose love

i thought it over...

ethereal disco is a lifestyle, a light, airy, fairy-tale like existence admist this place that i should build on

just go with it... do you ;)

i intend to... keep thinkin i have to figure it out, but i did already

just DO
already know how to BE

tend to get it bit frightened by the sacrifice
too used to the comfort
but life is risk

i think i told myself upon receiving that degree that all of the experimentation, trials, tries had to end
i got settled and adapted to things that weren't for me... yes, i learned a lot... but the need to move on was there bc i knew/know something else lies ahead

purpose love is the theme

CREDIT: Shayla