Monday, May 31, 2010

Yellow Yam, Kingston, Jamaica

I shot this when I was in Jamaica in 2009. A friend of a friend asked me to shoot some stills of these athletes for a magazine that is published in Jamaica. At first I asked myself why shoot athletes, that's not my interest, people are my interest. But I thought about it and I said to myself they are people too and at the same time I let myself be open the the experience. I opened to the idea of Chance. And thus this is the product of what I captured, portraits of these athletes right after they ran their race.
Thanks for the link Kaysian

Here is a link to a video that gives you an intimate look at a few of these athletes.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work's Worth


"I just love your pics, brought tears to my eyes just now James Town is where I was born just saw my lil sister in a pic here too haven't seen her in 4years keep the link ............One Love!"

Friday, May 28, 2010

James Town, 54 lyndurst rd, Kingston - Jamaica

I did this entry as a dedication to the innocent people who died recently in Kingston, Jamaica as a result of the misdeeds of those who put these innocent lives in harms way. The gun battles that took place between the army and the gunmen placed the lives of "human" beings between the bullets, persons who had nothing to do with this political fire fight. Simple people who just wanted to get up everyday and provide for their family. These photos I present to you exemplify the humanity that exist within these people and the everyday dignity they project. I can call them poor, oppressed or disenfranchised but at the end of the day people are people and offering anyone a little respect and regard goes a long way. Enjoy