Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a Liza Party

Yes I took the photos and yes I edited them like this and I give them to you like this. And you betta have fun in this party.


ChristieLove said...

I actually love the way you edited them, cute idea.

adachi said...

very funny. is that daud in the last few pics?? lol

gabrielle said...

Hey do you know Daud...he´s my former roommate...he lived in the house the party was in with me...small world. love it!

Nikyatu said...

so much fun, nevermind the fact that i look like a zombie in every pic!

negropoleon said...

(daud) adachi! you were there? i didnt see you?
here i thought i was incognito with my beard. lol Gab,Adachi and I know each other thru a mutual friend in philly, Jean-Jaque.
dope shots and a dope party girl! muchlov

wild cowgirl said...


shrug...its a fond recent memory.

L. said...

Kwesi! I can't thank you enough for these shots. It was the best birthday present I've ever gotten. So thrilled Gabbi opened her house for it. I'm still sleepy.

You're hella talented. I was on "happiness" all night long.

And yeah, whomever dude is with the beard is full on fine as hell. Good days, fun times... life well lived.

Later, sir. Thanks again:)

Tangerine Mac said...

hahaha..."I dream of big chocolate booty"

femi. said...

i'm in love.

adachi said...

Daud!!! nah i wasn't there just recognized your face in the pics! ha! so much to catch up on!

Danielle said...

wow. This is amazin brilliant!!

the adventures of superwoman said...

love this

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