Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Move Me

Recently a client hired me to shoot some sensual portraits of her and we got to work and did a great job. She was scared when we started and by the end she was comfortable and open, giving my camera what I wanted to capture. At the end she said I made her look powerful. It was a compliment I never expected and it surprised me. I will share two of my favorite photos from the shoot. But first I want to make little note on shooting the nude.

I think for every photographer there is the excitement of shooting a beautiful young lady nude. I think the thinking is man I will see her naked and
BAM I will just take picture after picture. Fine I get excited too, but I get excited anyways when I am faced with any beautiful subject nude or not. Most photographers though when shooting nudes never do good service to the naked body. Most times its never moving, never challenging of perception, thought, or it never imagines something new. There it is, just blatant, no execution of lighting, of playing with light and dark. And so their photo is just a naked body, no poetry in the nakedness they capture. The only reason they took the photo was to heighten their own excitement and not find anything new. And now I will share with you ......

This one I took a while ago, but the approach is the same ... find that thing.


sMichelle said...


ChocolateOrchid said...

I love them! They're not the typical nude photos. These definitely have character and are interesting. I especially like the first one. It's almost like looking at a landscape.

Leslie said...

I like...A LOT!!!

FLY LADY DI said...

yo Kwes I totally agree with you about your statement. i think that should also be said about art in general these days. a lot of cats (painters esp) are getting away with simply creating work, but aren't really pushing the boundaries at all - and challenging perceptions. i give mad kudos not only for ya truth, but seeing how much you've owned your aesthetic.

peace bruh!