Saturday, December 4, 2010

Seu Jorge- The Model Part 1&2

Director - Kahlil Joseph
DP - Bradford Young

Worked shooting stills on a movie "PARIAH" that Bradford shot -

Images are my lust. Good work is always rewarded.




Tashauna said...

i just got chills!!! I love the sound of his voice!!!!!!! and the cinematography is awwwwwesooommmmme...

David Wilson said...

oh man! that is so great, to tune in here this Sunday morning and find Seu Jorge - I miss hearing Portugues so much, ai ai ai, but I love to be reminded of Oshun - I especially like his 'Carolina', my fav-o-rite ( )

so thanks a WHOLE lot for that, and now the sun has come out too :-) be well.

ChocolateOrchid said...

I really enjoyed this! It was beautiful to watch. Loved the cinematography! And the story was quite capturing.

Just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I absolutley love these videos.

Adriii said...

[LOVE] Seu Jorge!!!!